Love Your Abs...Here is How

Love Your Abs...Here is How

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Love Your Abs…Here is How

Has it been a while since you’ve seen your abs? Are they buried under layers of fat needing to be uncovered? Is it time to rediscover your abs and lose fat?

The reunion of you with your abs is going to involve a combination of diet and exercise. The first goal is to bump up your metabolism with eating five – six smaller meals throughout the day. This will include avoiding packing in the biggest number of calories in your last meal before bedtime. The idea is to eat smaller deals all day and allowing your metabolism to work naturally burning equally all day.

The research shows that people who limit their food intake to only one meal are not successful at the weight loss endeavors. Spread out small meals. Your pancreas will work extra hard at providing insulin to cover big-meal sugar spikes. Eat smaller meals and give your body time to work.

Once you have adjusted your eating to avoid big meals (especially in the evenings) and realize a weight loss; it is time for your ab reunion. The fat should slowly decrease allowing you to rediscover your hidden abs and muscles. Reunite and get to know your abs.

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burn the fat feed the muscle ebook Says:

Good tips. I would also add that starving yourself of calories doesn’t not work as in many low calorie diets. this is because the body thinks it is starving so slows its metabolism right down in order to hold onto the energy/fat that it does have in order to stay alive. Eating regularly does the opposite and is the key!

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