cholelithiasis without evidence of

cholelithiasis without evidence of

Gallstones are common, people do not unfamiliar. Adults suffering from various types of gallstones account for about 7%, a conservative estimate of the total number of 6 000 million or more. With age, increased prevalence of cholelithiasis, 50 years of age rose, more women than men. Many harmful effects of cholelithiasis. Light by abdominal discomfort, severe pain, but can lead to suppurative cholangitis, biliary sepsis. The first cause of acute pancreatitis but gallstones. Stones of the gallbladder, bile duct long-term stimulation, can occur gallbladder (pipe) cancer, causing indigestion are more common.
Bile bile acids, cholesterol, lecithin, the imbalance between the three is the direct cause of the formation of gallstones. No matter from which perspective, the prevention of gallstones can not be ignored. Against the rule first, beginning from the diet prevention.
Eat it? Eat less!
High-sugar, dessert is the main component of a variety of carbohydrate staple foods, not to mention sugar (sucrose) has. Content in the body over its functional needs, it will automatically become a synthesis of triglycerides or cholesterol storage. A lot of fat people fat, so as to increase cholesterol, and poor gallbladder emptying, bile stasis easy to form stones. High incidence of cholelithiasis in patients with diabetes can be said that circumstantial evidence.
High-fat, high-cholesterol diet fatty beef, lamb, animal liver, kidney, brain and other organs, egg yolk contains f

at and cholesterol, not to mention the Hun, butter and so on.
Excessive alcohol drinking can occur in a variety of alcoholic liver disease, such as hepatitis, fatty liver, cirrhosis, and hepatitis B can worsen, and a variety of chronic liver disease are prone to gallstones "soil."
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2, in vitro ultrasonic lithotripsy how? This is a new treatment. In selected patients, the average after 1-2 years of treatment, most patients can be broken stones, was eliminated from the body, about half of the patients the stone could drain. However, many patients after stopping treatment of gallbladder stones will reappear. But also in the row of stone process, at any time in the row of stone fell into the bile duct does not go out, and induce the possibility of risk of common bile duct stones, so this method should be used carefully, on balance.
Could the stones come out? The answer is yes. Example, the gallbladder cut a small hole, remove the stones to improve cholangioscopy can also directly remove the stones with pliers, then cut stitched. In fact, this is mankind''s most ancient means of treatment of gallstones, but because many shortcomings, was replaced by cholecystectomy. Today, this treatment can be said, has no practical meaning.
Removal of the gallbladder, bile duct stones on the president, the result is more terrible, is it? This argument is no scientific basis. The fact is that preservation of gallbladder stones, down will increase the chance of bile duct stones. Many patients with bile duct stones, gallbladder stones are falling out from, we call it secondary bile duct stones. Very common in some gallstones and primary bile duct stones in a few Western countries, the vast majority of bile duct stones are secondary in nature, in our urban areas is also very common phenomenon. So why do some patients for some time after cholecystectomy and bile duct stones found it? Possible reasons are: 1, removal of the gallbladder did not find secondary common bile duct stones exist; 2, the patient''s common bile duct stones is really new out. This situation is more rare. But one thing is certain, the removal of the stones in the gallbladder only reduce the risk of bile duct stones in a long, rather than the reverse.
Cholecystectomy there any harm in the human body? First, cholecystectomy should never be easy, that cholecystectomy should have a clear indication, and only after careful study, that the preservation of lesions, patients with gallbladder stones gallbladder harm than benefits of physiological functions of the human body only when cholecystectomy should be done. Cholecystectomy, due to loss of function of the gallbladder bile storage of human digestion will be affected in a short time, but the effect is not significant. Most patients will gradually adapt and not feel anything unusual. From a clinical perspective, those with mild symptoms before surgery gallbladder stones, or no symptoms, and gallbladder function was normal before surgery, surgical digestive function after prone to this disorder; and those symptoms before surgery weight, loss of normal function of the gallbladder who had post-operative hand, to improve digestive function.
Had gallbladder surgery gallbladder stones must it? Drilling operation is not better? The answer is not necessarily. As noted above, the incidence of gallstones is very high, some people do no obvious symptoms, we call silent stones. For these people may wish to take wait and see attitude, waiting for symptoms to say when. Because the root causes of gallstones are two: one is the problem of liver metabolism, resulting in the bile easily into stone; the other is a problem with the gallbladder itself. We have no reliable means of treating these two issues, so even if the stones in the gallbladder out, soon will grow the new stones. In the current level of medical development, to eradicate cholelithiasis cholecystectomy only bring trouble. This is why cholecystectomy is the most reliable means of treatment of cholelithiasis reasons. It was the image of this metaphor as a "cut down the trees, the birds will not come back." Although do not meet the physical, but it is the last resort thing. Drilling operation is called laparoscopic cholecystectomy is a new surgical procedure 90. Cut it with the traditional gallbladder surgery is no different in essence, the difference is smaller surgical incision, patients recover quickly, pain, and thus welcomed by patients. Can be said that most patients in this way can be removal of the gallbladder. However, specific to each patient, which method is suitable for what should be decided by a doctor. Generally speaking, today''s laparoscopic cholecystectomy in the safety and indications are still not as open surgery, especially those complicated gallbladder stones and biliary complications in patients with open surgery is still relatively safe.
Free Daily Health News Hospital Network editorial disease is one of the most common?
Cholelithiasis is the most common diseases. The number of people suffering from gallstones the world at least tens of millions, regardless of which country, region and nation of people will suffer from gallstones. Doctors in many countries, such as the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Russia and other countries, are found in their respective countries, the incidence of cholelithiasis has a very high rate. The case of the United States, in the two hundred and thirty million of the total population, suffer from gallstones have two to three million people, about 10% of adults have gallstones. Some Indian tribes in the United States, the higher the incidence of cholelithiasis, gallstones in adult women suffer from more than 70% of people actually accounted for. Patients suffering from gallstones can cause great pain, and sometimes also cause chills, fever, jaundice, and often made it impossible to work and normal life, and even threaten his life, drives many people to seek treatment. United States each year more than 50 million people have a serious condition and need for cholecystectomy. Gallstones every year billions of dollars to make the United States suffered economic losses. The scientists also observed that in developed countries who suffer from gallstones than those of developing countries in general much more, more developed economies, the higher the incidence of gallstones. In China, the gallstones are very common. In recent years, the number of people suffering from gallstones also increased year by year, in many areas of the hospital, cholelithiasis has become a common general surgical ward, one of the diseases. Estimated that there are tens of millions of people suffering from gallstones.
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