Foods to include in a diet when trying to lose weight  Living the Healthy Way

Foods to include in a diet when trying to lose weight Living the Healthy Way

Healthy eating and fitness is the way to go.

Foods to include in a diet when trying to lose weight

Jack blogs about how to lose weight  in a way that is healthy, natural and safe.

Much of weight loss has to do with the foods in which we eat. It is quite obvious that if we overeat then we are probably going to put on extra pounds. Add into the mix a sedentary lifestyle and it can be quite difficult to keep the pounds from accumulating on your body.  However, what most people do not know is that there are several foods they can actually aid in weight loss.

The following are just a few of these foods that have been shown to help lose weight. Eggs often get a bad reputation when it comes to your health. Every other year a study comes out saying that eggs are bad for you, and then the next year they produce another study which says they’re actually good for you. Many of these studies focus on the cholesterol in eggs and the harm that it may cause to your heart. However, many studies show that eggs can actually be quite good for you. Eggs are high in protein and can help you feel fuller for longer period of time. Simply by including eggs in your breakfast you may end up consuming fewer calories throughout the day.

Oats are another type of food that can help you lose weight because of the fibre they contain. Studies have shown that foods high in fibre can actually aid in weight loss because the fibre helps pull the fats found in other foods through the digestive system with it. Oats are also digested very slowly and can help you stay fuller longer. Wild salmon is another great food for weight loss. Salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids which can improve insulin sensitivity and  actually helps decrease belly fat.

Chillies are another food which is great for helping you lose weight. One of the main benefits of eating foods high in chillies is that spicy food usually has to be eaten much slower. Eating food slowly helps fool the brain into thinking you are full in a shorter amount of time. Also, chillies contain capsicum which as been proven to increase the body’s metabolism. This increased metabolism will help you burn off more calories and increase your weight loss. Finally, one of the best foods that you can consume is plain yoghurt. Plain yoghurt helps stave off hunger by keeping blood sugar levels in the body steady.Instituting these foods into your diet will greatly increase the chance of weight loss. Slowly work these foods into your existing menu to help your body adjust to the change.

This is a guest post by Jack.

There’s lots of people in this world who spend so much time watching their health that they haven’t the time to enjoy it.

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