Healthmaster vs Vitamix – Which One Is Better?

Healthmaster vs Vitamix – Which One Is Better?

Healthmaster Vs. Vitamix – Which One Is Better?

It goes without saying that most people are well aware of the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet. The problem is that most of us don’t have the time or the energy to sit down and eat five servings of each every single day. That is why having a high-quality blender is important, and if you are trying to decide between Healthmaster vs. Vitamix, then here are some facts for you:

The Truth About Healthmaster

When you buy your Healthmaster online, it is less expensive than the Vitamix, and it also has an incredible 100-year warranty on the motor. The blades are made from stainless steel and it is extremely lightweight at just four pounds. Vitamix has none of these, but that is only part of the reason why the Healthmaster vs. Vitamix debate is no debate at all.

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What Are the Advantages of This Product?

If you have ever used a cheap blender, then you know that they are not designed for everyday use. In fact, many people find that just by using them a few times, they start to break down, they leak, the motor burns out, or the blades just aren’t as sharp as they used to be.

The Healthmaster vs. Vitamix debate is not only about quality, but also about ability. The Healthmaster is able to do some miraculous things that the Vitamix just can’t do.

“This fit my price range and the recipes are easy to make and taste great.”

- Joanie, AK

When you have to cut your fruits and vegetables into tiny little pieces, and that is after peeling them, then making juice just isn’t any fun. One of the advantages of the Healthmaster is that it is so powerful that you can stick the whole fruit or vegetable in and let the blender do its job.

Imagine being able to chop up two quarts of ice in just a few seconds. If you are going to use your Healthmaster for parties, then this is a huge benefit.

Isn’t This Just a Typical Blender?

If you are trying to debate between Healthmaster vs. Vitamix, then the primary factor separating the two is the ability of the Healthmaster to take huge pieces of food and emulsify it in an instant. It is great for making soups and salsas, as well as for making vegetable or fruit juices.

“I love my Healthmaster! Ten times more effective than any other blender I have ever had.”

- Lisa, MD

What Can You Make With This Product?

If you are still trying to decide whether to buy a Healthmaster vs. Vitamix, then here are some more facts for you. It is not just a blender. You can make low-fat ice creams and frozen yogurts, in addition to frozen drinks. You can take whole pieces of fruit and create the best fruit juices you have ever made, or add ice and make them into smoothies.

The Healthmaster comes with recipes for salad dressings, breads, spreads, soups, purees, and even baby food! When it comes to making sauces, there is simply no easier way, and you can even make your own peanut butter.

Is This the Product for You?

There are a lot of people who would argue that this is a lot of money for a blender, and they would be right – but this is much more than a blender. This all around fruit and vegetable emulsifier will be the central piece in your kitchen, and something that you will use every day, and when you buy it online, you will get the best price possible.

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