Which Diets For Quick Weight Loss Really Work?

Which Diets For Quick Weight Loss Really Work?

If you’re looking for diets for quick weight loss, then it’s very likely you need to lose weight quickly for a special occasion or event that’s happening very shortly.

Let’s face it, if you need to lose weight quickly, you don’t want to spend time going round and round in circles trying to decide which out of the many programs available you’re going to try. If you don’t have the luxury of time on your side, you should consider trying one of the two programs mentioned below, depending on how much time you actually have.

Ideally you should take your time losing weight because the slower you shed those pounds, the more chance you have of keeping them off for good.

However, if you really do need to lose weight quickly, then thankfully there are a plethora of healthy diets for quick weight loss for you to consider. You should be aware, though that not all of them work and some of them might even leave you feeling so sick that you won’t be able to enjoy the very event that you’re losing the weight for!

It’s crucial then that you consider carefully what each diet plan entails, and exactly what you might be letting yourself in for.

It’s also crucial to understand that if any of the diets for quick weight loss you consider following actually say they guarantee a certain amount of weight loss within a certain time, you should probably steer clear! Nobody can guarantee anything since everyone’s body is different and there is no one fit solution for all.

Let’s take a look at two of the more popular diets for quick weight loss and examine what each program is about and what people say about them:

Diets For Quick Weight Loss in 14 Days

The Diet Solution Program is undoubtedly one of the most popular diets for quick loss, and possibly even the most popular, that you can find on the internet today. Although the author, Dr Isobel de los Rios, advocates losing weight more slowly over a sensible period of time, you will get included in the program a quick start guide called “14 Days To A Sexy Body”. The guide promises that you can “drop ugly fat in 2 weeks flat”.

You get a step by step meal plan, one for each day, telling you what to eat and how to prepare the food. There are snacks between the main meals to keep the hunger at bay, and you’re actually allowed a “cheat day” on Day 7 and Day 14 which gives you a bit of freedom within certain guidelines.

The food you’re allowed to eat is actually very ordinary, healthy, natural food with no “meal bars” or “meal replacement shakes” featured at all. Dr Isobel advocates healthy, whole foods rather than processed “diet food”.

There are so many success stories from real people who’ve tried The Diet Solution Program that it simply can’t be ignored, although I couldn’t find any that specifically said how much weight they loss using the “14 Days To A Sexy Body Guide”.

If you’d like to read more about The Diet Solution Program, visit their website at

Diets For Quick Weight Loss In 7 Days

The 7 day Belly Blast program is by Nutritionist Josh Bezoni and on his sales page he promises you can lose “up to 11 Pounds of belly fat, excess water, and toxic waste in just 7 days”.

Don’t be mistaken into thinking that the above statement is a guarantee of weight loss, as mentioned above. Note that they say “up to” which means you could lose anywhere from 1 pound to 11 pounds in those 7 days.

There are some great before and after pictures of real people from all walks of life and all ages who’ve lost large amounts of weight on this program. Furthermore, unlike most diets for quick weight loss, this is no starvation diet that will leave you hungry and your metabolism in tatters.

The creator specifically states that the food he encourages you to eat will rev up your metabolism and turn your body into a fat burning furnace, and he actively encourages you to eat, eat, eat. (Sounds like my kind of diet!)

Obviously you’re not going to lose every single pound you want during those 7 days, unless you only have a few pounds to lose, but this program could give you the kick start you need and get you in better shape for that special event you’ve got coming up.

You can read more about The 7 Day Belly Blast on their website – it might just be the answer you’re looking for.


Out of all the diets for quick weight loss there are available, the two mentioned above definitely seem like the kind of program that lots of people can stick to, and have success with, judging by the results and testimonials displayed.

Not only that, neither of these diets for quick weight loss will leave you feeling hungry and deprived according to their creators. In my opinion, that’s one of the worst things about trying to lose weight. If I can shed excess pounds reasonably quickly, by eating food I actually enjoy, with no hunger pangs and no feelings of deprivation which lead me to break the diet after only a few days, then I’m more than willing to participate.

Whichever program you choose to lose weight fast, remember that you probably gained those excess pounds through bad eating habits learned over a number of years. Adot a healthy eating program after your event deadline and next time a special event comes up, hopefully you won’t have to panic and start looking around for diets for quick weight loss ever again!