Online Nursing Schools – What’s The Catch?

Online Nursing Schools – What’s The Catch?

An online nursing school sounds like the perfect solution for students who are frustrated by the traditional nursing school waiting lists. Going to school on your own time, making your own schedule, no annoying commutes, working and taking classes at the same time…it’s the ideal scenario for many a wanna-be nurse.

So why doesn’t everyone sign up? Why are there still waiting lists at the community colleges and state colleges and even expensive private colleges?

Well, there’s a catch.

You must first have some sort of healthcare degree such as a degree in Licensed Practical Nursing, paramedic, or respiratory therapy, before you can attend an online nursing school.

There are good reasons for this. Student nurses must work under the direction of a trained registered nurse, who trains them and watches them as they interact with patients and push meds. You do NOT want to be cared for by a nurse who learned everything online. It just isn’t possible, or safe.

An online nursing school is designed for the working healthcare professional. And even then, the student will work with someone in their area who coordinates clinicals at local hospitals and other healthcare facilities under the supervision of a registered nurse who is working with the online school. Studying only gets you so far when you’re a student nurse; practical real world experience is an absolute must.

So, while an online degree program sounds ideal, there are some practical limitations. It will allow those with the appropriate healthcare certificate to advance their careers, make more money, and have more job opportunities, but unfortunately there is no way for a person with no healthcare experience at all to get their education completely online.

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