The Scheme Episode 4 Part 2  Optimal Health Journey

The Scheme Episode 4 Part 2 Optimal Health Journey

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One family fights to reopen the old community centre, and 16-year-old Candice’s baby is due – but will her boyfriend be there for her? In another family, Steven goes for a place at college while his brother struggles with drug addiction. Similar Blogs

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James the junkie.. What about his sister, jeeeesus!

did anyone notice that every time they went to the junkies house there was a different telly

at 1:14 why is there an england shirt hanging on the wall?

Love the scallies in the wheelchair making everyone swerve to avoid hitting them…

Is this programme an advert to promote Abortion?

Wonder how they’d like it if their giros and housing benefit was suddenly stopped…?

that chris guys mum looks blooted in this episode

I actually think candice is gorgeous looking. Pity shes with a fuckwit like that. If she had a brain, she could do ok in life.

What a lovely view from the window @2.43 LMFAO

theres lots of spiders you have to deal with doing a joinery course

Lol Nalin & Kane Beachball, he has music taste for a junkie!

Can someone name the tune at 2.45

oh….great… what a hero.. for “saving” the guys life…. oh it would have been such.. a shame.. if anything…. happened….

fuck sake… stealing from your own ma

Well, I’m glad Gordon got a job. He may have messed around when he was younger and was no better than the little shits like Chris, but at least he’s trying now and looked after his daughter with her dancing hobby.

Dinnae be fuckin daft, if seein some cunt shoot up dusnae put yae oaf smack nothin will, glad they showed, maybe it’ll stoap alot ae bairns makin that decision.

Away yae go ya daft english cunt! whit yae dinnae think your shite stinks? like yae say london is a shit hole tae and thats your capital which is full ae cunts like you, I dae hope we get independence, because its your government that put people like them in those situation, so dae a wee bit ae research dafty, there wusnae any junkies afore maggie thatcher, and junkies didnae pop up until her/englands action made maest ae scotland unemployed, think afore yae talk ya silly english cunt.

i am 4rm scotland not kent get it rite!!

are you seriously as ignorant as to believe all Scottish people talk like that and live like that? Believe it or not but most people in Scotland are hard working, clever people who have to pay for these scumbags to sit around and take smack all day.

“lower class”?, “uncooth”?, “peasants”?! People like you make me laugh so much. I would much rather grow up in “feral” and “ucivilised” Scotland than Kent where i’d come across stuck up assholes like yourself…

i like how they play tempar trap tunes through out the season

They should just turn that building into a JD Sports, they would make a mint!!

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