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The changing US consumer electronic retail market

Posted by admin on Mar 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

The State of the sale of the American consumer electronic retail clearly illustrated this week when Best Buy and the largest brick world detailing mortar consumer electronics announced that, following the publication of its figures for 2011, in which he revealed have lost $ 1.23 billion in 2011 after having posted a profit of $ 1.28 billion the previous year, the object would be a major structure.According to statement by CEO Brian j. Dunn “to help our stands for each customers work and transformed our business as the consumer electronics industry technology developed continuously, we are big promotions of to improve our operating performance.” These important measures will by 2015 to cut$ 800 million of its costs; within the next fiscal year with $ 250 million and involve close 50 of its big box 400 jobs in the process losing stores in the United States and Canada, and on the back of sealing its 21 big box stores in Europe and China come in 2011.Best Buy restructuring is not a big surprise and I see positive action to avoid the fate of the city of Circuit and CompUSA who went bankrupt in 2008 and 2007, respectively. In traditional mega in recent years, brick and mortar stores have struggled to compete with the emergence and growth of the shop and retail stores online. Or service levels and a detailed knowledge of the stores online more small shop as the Apple Store or low-priced retailers like Amazon, consumers have been leaving the traditional brick mega and mortar stores causing a major change in the landscape of the sale at retail.

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