Debunking Male Nurse Myths

Debunking Male Nurse Myths

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Are you a man who is considering pursuing nursing as a career? If so, you may be second guessing your decision based on a number of myths that have been floating around regarding the profession of nursing. Here’s a look at a few of those myths and the truth behind them.

Perhaps the most powerful myth surrounding the nursing profession is the belief that only women should be nurses. While the industry was once primarily made of women and while women still dominate the profession, the number of men who are choosing to become nurses is growing steadily. In addition, many men are choosing to leave their “manly” professions – such as firemen and policemen – in order to pursue a career in nursing instead. The excellent pay, the schedule flexibility and the exciting challenges encountered every day are just a few reasons why many men decided that nursing is the right profession for them.

Myth #2: Men Do Not Have the Right Emotional Makeup to be a Nurse

The belief that men cannot be compassionate or are unable to effectively interact with other people on an emotional level is simply untrue. Anyone who is interested helping others by assisting them with their needs and learning more about them is well-suited to a career in nursing, whether they be male or female.

Myth #3: Men Who Pursue Nursing Really Want to be Doctors

One misconception about men who pursue nursing is that they couldn’t hack med school, so they settled for nursing instead. In truth, there are many men who simply want to become a nurse and do not have aspirations to become a doctor. Some male nurses, however, do report that many doctors do treat them differently than they do their female counterparts.

While it is important to know the myths surrounding men and nursing, it is also important to understand the potential limitations involved with pursuing this career as a man. For example, you likely won’t be able to pursue a career in a maternity ward and some female patients are embarrassed by having a male nurse. Unless you have your heart set on working in a maternity ward, however, these potential limitations shouldn’t be too much of a problem. If you get the sense that a female patient has a problem with having a female nurse, you can generally switch the assignment with a female nurse and create a situation that is more comfortable for everyone involved.

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