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Hair color spray has been a popular way of coloring the hair, especially for those who enjoy changing colors every now and then. Hair color sprays are temporary and they only stay on till the first shampoo wash. They’re considered a fashionable and fun way to color the hair without creating any commitment to change. Most younger generation use them for decorative highlights or effects in specific hair parts.

Hair color sprays are basically temporary dyes that don’t penetrate the hair cuticle. Thus, they only coat the cuticles’ exterior to provide a different shade of hair color and will not be able to give the hair a lighter shade. A hair color spray consists of hair spray and hair color in one, and they’re ready to use. A simple spray here and there, and it’s an instant new look.

In the 80’s when the punk look became very well-liked, hair color sprays of various colors like pink, luminous green, blue, red, and other bold colors where used for the fashion trend. It created a most “striking” sight combined with “weird” hair styles.

Hair color spray is mainly used to enhance the hair’s color; used for all-over coloring or highlighting. They’re “colorful” versions are popularly used during parties or celebrations such as Halloween costume parties and the likes, to create a “vividly” different look.

A recent innovation in hair color spray, are those used to make the hair look thicker. They’re designed for people with thinning hair and are very much popular in the market today. This hair color spray can also help cover “light to medium” bald spots for women and men. They’re easy to use as they can be sprayed on right after shower when the hair is dry, and just brush the hair to let it blend-in. These types of hair color spray create an “illusion” of fuller and thicker hair.

Hair color sprays come in various “natural” looking colors, as well as vivid ones. They’re natural versions are considered a “hair-color-to-go” as most women who don’t have the time and commitment for permanent hair coloring, can easily spray them on and create a new look without the hassle. Plus, they get to have it removed in just as simple as shampooing their hair.

With hair color sprays, coloring the hair is as easy as “one-two-three” and wearing them off is a breeze. If you’re looking to give your hair color a boost without the “fuzz”, then they’re just the right thing for you.

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